Our story is bigger than fits here in a paragraph, but the idea is simple. Dee Rambeau, as owner and principal, has over 30 year of direct experience as a communicator. His ideas and relationships were born during the "analog to digital" transformation of broadcast television. He founded a content management company to greet the dawn of modern Internet story-telling. In the midst of the simple and not so simple technologies available to us all, Dee believes that well-produced content and well-told stories will always prevail. To this day, in an increasingly complex business World, those ideas hold true.

Rambeau Media is not a Public Relations agency. While our ideas and content certainly generate publicity and media exposure; we're not interested in managing your reputation, or in taking reporters out to expensive dinners. We're entrepreneurs at heart...we want to help you grow your business...

The practitioners

The Rambeau Media team grows and shrinks based upon the individual needs of the customer organization. Drawing from a select stable of high-quality writers, editors, photographers, producers, content junkies, metrics and optimization gurus, Rambeau Media will build a custom team to match the personality and the story that you tell. Oh...and sales guys too. 

The capabilities 

Write copy. Shoot web and print photos. Shoot broadcast quality video and film. Produce, sell, clear and syndicate programs for television and web. Place media. Stage events. Generate publicity. Develop and deliver campaigns. Coach for media appearances. Write speeches. Build social video channels. Measure impact and deliver reports demonstrating effectiveness.  

category strengths

Sports. OK you got us. We've done hundreds of hours of summer and winter sports programming. Ski racing, snowboarding, Olympic coverage, ice skating, golf, baseball, volleyball, cycling...even dogs. Music is a big one for us as well...so is Travel, both Resort and Adventure. Combine these things. How about hotels, bars and restaurants? We've staged customer events in all different types of live environments in order to capture your customers at play...having fun...using your brand.  

And don't forget our niche in telling your technology start-up story. We've been there and done that with our own. 

“Dee Rambeau is a natural-born storyteller...always has been. He crafted his skill managing the mike for live audiences at World Cup ski races, crowds of thousands at AVP Beach Volleyball events, and getting in front of the camera for hundreds of hours of televised sports and documentary programs. He’s a gifted writer with a natural vocal cadence...a rare combo.”
— Mike Billingsley, Owner Action Sports Television